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Otávio Santana has been busy on the exciting, twelve-country Latin America Oracle Developer Community Tour! He is personally speaking in Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico! Otávio Santana, a Java Champion and Triber, has worked on everything from jNoSql to JBoss Weld to Hibernate as well as being a member of the JCP Executive Committee, working on several JCP Expert Groups, and is deeply involved in the development of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE.

Otávio is presenting on Grid Database, jNoSQL, and Stateless Microservice Security via JWT and MicroProfile. His first stop, on July 31st, was in Paraguay in Asunción where he spoke about jNoSQL and Grid Databases. Otávio had a small room but an enthusiastic audience. He was the only one at the conference, which has had a DBA focus in the past, to talk about developing software in Java with code examples, which the audience loved! While Spanish is not Otávio first language, he did an excellent job and got a few good laughs. His next stop was Santiago, Chile where the audience was again small but enthusiastic – at 41 degrees it was a little cold for Otávio who is accustomed to warmer weather in his home country of Brazil.

Otávio next stop, on August 4th, was Sao Paulo, Brazil – his native country in his native language, Portuguese. The audience was significantly larger with lots of excellent questions about jNoSQL and Stateless Microservice Security via JWT and MicroProfile. The audience was keen to learn more about both subjects and peppered Otávio with questions both during and long after his session was finished.

Otávio has four more stops before he finishes is part of the tour in Mexico. We look forward to keeping you posted on his progress!

Richard Monson-Haefel

Richard Monson-Haefel

Richard has more the 24 years of experience as a professional software developer and architect. He has written five books on enterprise Java including EJB, JMS, web services, and software architecture. He has served on the JCP executive committee and multiple expert groups, is the co-founder of OpenEJB and Apache Geronimo, was a Sr. Analyst for Burton Group (aka Gartner), and is a celebrated public speaker.

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