Tomitribe Community Partnership Program

The Tomitribe Community Partnership Program is a rewards program designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of open source for our best customers.  Modeled after a frequent flyer program, Enterprise Subscribers are rewarded with complementary services that include time with the Tribe.

Your Business

Your Community

Get Open Source on your Team

Start your relationship with Tomitribe at Bronze level for the best possible ramp up at the most cost effective price. Keep gaining more rewards as our relationship grows.

Subscription Level
Core Count
64 cores
120 cores
248 cores
Reward Summary
Professional Services
3 days
5 days
10 days
2 days
3 days
5 days
Feature Development
10 days
17 days
25 days
Admin Contacts
Additional Core Discount

Professional Services

Up and running, fast

Your success is our success.  Use your Professional Service days to get up and running, fast. Push that migration forward with hands on help. Kick-off that new project with an architectural review.  Gain industry insight into what customers use most. Trim days and weeks off of timelines by avoiding common pitfalls.  Annual time with the Tribe allows you to start off on the right foot and stay there.

Feature Development

Get that feature you need

Your contribution to open source is rewarded with a fixed number of days per year to focus Tomitribe resources on what matters to you the most. Feature Development services are open to anything that directly moves the open source forward, such as new features, enhancements, tooling, testing, documentation, tutorials, cookbooks or videos.


Transfer knowledge

Keep your team up to speed and train those new hires.  Every feature your developers don’t know is value your missing and wheels that are reinvented.  By including annual training for our best customers, both our futures are protected.  Increase the knowledge of your team, protect yourself from turnover, and get the most value possible from open source you use.  Ensure your move into open source can go the distance.

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