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Deconstructing REST Security, Iterate 2018

David Blevins

A practical overview of OAuth, JWTs, and bleeding-edge security for REST

Introduction to JavaEE with Apache TomEE  1hr 10min

Cesar Hernandez

During the session, we are going to navigate across many JavaEE specifications like JAX-RS, CDI, JSON, Batch, Web Socket and EJB’s by example and for the demos, the audience will also appreciate the simplicity of working with Apache TomEE.

Managing Apache Tomcat TomEE with tFactory 21:05

Cesar Hernandez

During this session we are going to cover a brief comparison of current DevOps tools, the uses cases, features and the opportunity that tFactory brings to the infrastructure Java eco-system.

Baking a Microservice PI(e) 2hr 45min

by Antonio Goncalves & Roberto Cortez

In this Deep Dive session, Roberto and Antonio will build, step by step, a full microservice architecture (using different languages and frameworks). This session will answer these questions:


Java EE 7 meets Java 8 51 min

Roberto Cortez

Cluster your MicroProfile Application using CDI & JCache 3:20

Roberto Cortez

Maven – Taming the Beast 16min 

Roberto Cortez

Love it or hate it (and a lot of people seem to hate it), Maven is a widely used tool. We can consider that Maven has been the de-facto standard build tool for Java over the last 10 years…

Java EE Game Changers

David Blevins

From J2EE to Java EE, much has changed. The addition of annotations to the Java language to eliminate complex deployment descriptors, testability through embeddable plain Java SE containers, shrinking the platform to half its size via the Java EE Web Profile, creation of CDI, and focus on a single strong component model. Java EE is always reinventing itself….

EE 7 Batch Processing 25min 10sec
Roberto Cortez
Interview with Roberto Cortez (@radcortez) on EE 7 Batch Processing at the Jfokus conference.
Java EE 8 Functional Opportunities 53 min

David Blevins

The first era of Java EE was XML-driven. The second era of Java EE, brought about by Java 5, is annotation-driven and very declarative by nature. With the advent of Java 8 features such as lambdas and method references, logic is mobile and Java EE has the opportunity to reinvent itself, this time from the declarative to the programmatic…

David Blevins discusses TomEE and JavaEE containers 11min 45 sec

David Blevins

David Blevins’ commitment to making a lightweight Java EE container has finally paid off with TomEE being certified as a JavaEE compliant web container. Blevins sat down with O’Reilly Media at Oracle’s OpenWorld/JavaOne 2011 to discuss the project, what it means…

Introducing the MicroProfile 1hr 3min

David Blevins

MicroProfile is not just a new buzzword. It’s a serious collaboration to evolve Enterprise Java in a Microservices world, supported by such companies as Red Hat, IBM, LJC, Payara and Tomitribe. Since its launch in June the MicroProfile collaboration has gained the…

Apache TomEE, Java EE 6 Web Profile on Tomcat 1 hr

David Blevins

Apache TomEE is the Java EE 6 Web Profile certified version of Apache Tomcat and combines the simplicity of Tomcat with the power of Java EE. The first half of this session introduces TomEE and shows how Tomcat applications leveraging Java EE technologies…

Java EE, Extendable to Functional 1hr

David Blevins

Java EE 7 holds two critical gems many developers never employ: CDI Scopes and Java EE Connectors. Do you have any code storing objects in hashmaps? You can kill that code with custom scopes. Need to interact with a system that doesn’t speak HTTP?…

Deconstructing and Evolving REST Security  47min

Jon Gallimore

The learning curve for security is severe and unforgiving. Specifications promise infinite flexibility, habitually give old concepts new names, offer endless extensions, and almost seem designed to deliberately confuse…

Deconstructing and Evolving REST Security  56min

David Blevins

The learning curve for security is severe and unforgiving. Specifications promise infinite flexibility, habitually give old concepts new names, are riddled with extensions, and almost seem designed to deliberately confuse…

Oracle Dev Live  10min

Otavio Santana

Solução definitiva para banco de dados NoSQL e Java @otaviojava #DevLive in PT #OracleCode