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Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVE) Survival Guide

In last 3 years Tomitribe support has patched over 120 CVEs on Apache Tomcat, TomEE & ActiveMQ.

Are you at risk from a unpatched Tomcat, TomEE, or ActiveMQ version?

Check what CVEs are affecting your system and reach out to us, we will help you assess and react appropriately

Check your version

Our teams work together to make surviving the frequency of CVEs possible.

CVEs are not black and white. Knowledge of both the app and server is required to truly determine risk and appropriate reaction.


Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle

Sonatype & Tomitribe:  Working Together

Vulnerability Playbook


365 days a year we automatically scan your exact versions of Tomcat, TomEE or ActiveMQ.

Discover & Notify

Vulnerabilities receive immediate attention from our support team & support tickets are created on your behalf in our portal.

Assess & React

We work collaboratively to help determine if your application is affected & backed by our support team, you react appropriately & own risk confidently

Patch & Rollout

The Tomitribe Support team immediately begins work on a patch for your version, new binaries are posted to your open ticket, & can be rolled out immediately.

Keeping up to date?

Check if you are using an affected version of Apache Tomcat or Apache TomEE & get a patch.

CVE-2020-1938 - AJP / Ghostcat
HIGH 9.8
CVE-2020-1935 - HTTP Request Smuggling - incorrect header parsing
CVE-2019-17569 - HTTP Request Smuggling - incorrect transfer-encoding handling
CVE-2019-17563 - Session Fixation
HIGH 7.5
CVE-2019-12418 - JMX Remote Lifecycle Listener
HIGH 7.5
Scanned for Vulnerabilities lately?   

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