OpenSource and Math Never Lie: Podcast by Adam Bien & Amelia Eiras

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Adam Bien, being THE amazing Adam who never gives up, continues to integrate the diverse voices in our Software Ecosystem via his informal and fun podcast called: I was thrilled to be a guest on Adam’s 46th airhack, thank YOU #usualsuspects  Thank you for caring enough to prioritize your time, each Monday of the month for almost 3 years and counting, for such a fun activity. Thank you for including me, the many guests before and the future airhacks’ guests. Bias to the core, I have enjoyed listening to many of your podcasts, the signature continues to be sharing…

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Conviértete en un Contributor de Open Source con Apache TomEE

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Durante esta sesión de video, Daniel Dias y Cesar Hernandez comparten sus retos, oportunidades y recomendaciones para iniciar a contribuir en proyectos de Código Abierto como lo és Apache TomEE. La demostración de la sesión incluye como desde cero llegar a colocar un pull-request en el proyecto Apache TomEE cubriendo los aspectos de herramientas, procesos y comunicación.

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Jakarta EE: A New Hope

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It was announced today that we in the Jakarta EE community would not be able to modify the javax namespace. When I heard that statement uttered for the first time, I was certain I heard wrong. I asked several questions hoping for more positive news with better options in the future. No, it was exactly what I heard. Many of you know me as a positive voice in the community, but even my calm demeanor was cracked. Several visceral statements left my mouth and at one point during the meeting I recall using the word asinine. Transitioning through the stages…

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It’s Easy! Your First TomEE Pull-Request: Fetch, Code, Commit, and Push

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This is the second installment in a two-part article covering the Process Task portion of the Contribution Workflow. The Contribution Workflow is covered in detail in the first part within “Section 1: The Contribution Workflow Overview.” The Process Task portion of the Contribution Workflow is where you do the work on an issue (bug fixes, enhancements, tests, documentation) after getting assigned a JIRA ticket. This is where the rubber meets the road; where the actual work of writing or coding a solution takes place. The following diagram shows how the Process Task portion of the Contribution Workflow fits into the…

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It’s Easy! Your First TomEE Pull-Request: Using JIRA

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While all open source tools (i.e. GitHub, Maven, Mailing lists, Java IDEs) used by the TomEE open source community are important, the process of identifying and managing the work done on the project is critical to our success. The tool we use for managing work is the TomEE JIRA issue tracking system. Note: If you are not already familiar with JIRA tickets or find them confusing, you should read “It’s Easy! The Anatomy of a JIRA Issue” after reading this article. It will help clarify all the information a typical JIRA Issue addresses. Becoming a part of the TomEE community…

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TomEE for Every Day!

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The “TomEE for the Holidays” campaign ended on January 16th of this year. It was great to see so many new Contributors (close to 50) join the TomEE project. In addition, participation from veteran contributors skyrocketed resulting in a level of communication and collaboration that would make any open source community proud. With the success of the “TomEE for the Holidays” initiative, the question became obvious: “How can we (Tomitribe) maintain a high level of participation and comradery in the project?” There were many things that made “TomEE for the Holidays” a success. Encouraging people new to open source to…

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