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Deconstructing REST Security

David Blevins

Aquecimento API SUMMIT

Otávio Santana

Baking a Microservice PI(e)

Roberto Cortez

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Apache TomEE, A Successful Open Source Migration Journey for NASA


enables over 245 million customers to visit Walmart’s 11k stores, in 28 countries, & 10 websites worldwide.


Fresh Catch! Migrating from Glassfish to JBoss or TomEE


Tomitribe & Nexus Lifecycle: Champions of Open Source Security

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CVE-2021-44228 – Log4Shell Vulnerability

Introduction If you’ve been following tech news over the last couple of days, you’ll very likely have heard about CVE-2021-44228, or “Log4Shell” as it has become known. This particular vulnerability affects Apache Log4J2, a Java logging framework. Tomcat, TomEE, and ActiveMQ themselves do not ship with log4j2, so running out-of-the-box with their default configuration they are not vulnerable to this issue. However, before you breathe a sigh of relief, you should be aware that applications deployed on either TomEE or Tomcat can include additional Java libraries bundled inside. Any jar file included in a web application’s WEB-INF/lib directory will be…

How to use Tibco EMS in TomEE?

Tomitribe is part of the expert group for the upcoming JMS 3.0 and provides ActiveMQ and Apache TomEE enterprise support for many organizations. This article demonstrates configuring Tibco EMS in TomEE. For generic guidelines on deploying alternative JMS providers, please see the official TomEE documentation for Changing JMS Implementations JMS providers are generally packaged as Java Connector Architecture (JCA) Resource Adapter Archive (RAR) files, and both outbound (for sending messages to the broker) and inbound (for receiving messages via Message Driven Beans (MDBs) connectors are provided. JCA RAR files are designed to be portable, and any portable RAR file should…
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7 recomendaciones para migrar tus aplicaciones a Jakarta EE utilizando Apache TomEE – JakartaOne Spanish

JakartaOne Hispano 2021, se llevó a cabo el pasado 1 de Octubre del 2021, en esta segunda edición, JakartaOne Hispano 2020, las comunidades de habla hispana, usuarios, empresas y público en general tuvieron un punto de convergencia para compartir y aprender sobre lo último en microservicios, seguridad, migraciones y adopción de tecnologías Java empresarial como Jakarta EE y MicroProfile entre otros.  El comité organizador reportó este año una excelente sinergía entre los involucrados: + 350 participantes. + 13 Comunidades Java de habla hispana  5 presentadores de países como Colombia, Guatemala y  México. 3 empresas participaron en la sesión inaugural como…