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Deconstructing REST Security

David Blevins

Aquecimento API SUMMIT

Otávio Santana

Baking a Microservice PI(e)

Roberto Cortez

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Apache TomEE, A Successful Open Source Migration Journey for NASA


enables over 245 million customers to visit Walmart’s 11k stores, in 28 countries, & 10 websites worldwide.


Fresh Catch! Migrating from Glassfish to JBoss or TomEE


Tomitribe & Nexus Lifecycle: Champions of Open Source Security

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Tomitribe Goes To CodeOne 2018

Tomitribe is excited to be attending Oracle CodeOne  (Oct 22nd - 25th) this year. Eight Tribers - David, Amelia, Jean-Louis, Roberto, Otavio, Cesar, Ivan, and Richard - six of whom are giving a total of 12 presentations.  Attendees can also meet us during exhibitor’s hours at booth 5209, where we can tell you about Tomitribe Community Partnership Program.  We also look forward to sharing the latest updates on the Open Source Projects we are part of. For the first time in 20 years, there will be no JavaOne conference. JavaOne always brings back memories for those who have attended and…

JavaDay Ecuador 2018

On September 8, the first edition of Java Ecuador Day was held in beautiful Quito, Ecuador. The conference boasted more than 350 attendees with 20 speakers. As a Triber, I got the opportunity to attend as one of those speakers and together, alongside the attendees, we shared the latest knowledge in the Enterprise Java Ecosystem. Topics covered included Jakarta EE, Serverless, MicroProfile, Clean architecture, Cloud, Microservices, and success stories.   Alberto Salazar, the leader of the Java User Group in Ecuador, indicated that this is the first time that professionals from the region, members of the Java Community Process, Java Champions,…

TomEE: A Tutorial on MicroProfile Fault Tolerance

This is the final of a series of 3 articles dedicated to the MicroProfile Fault Tolerance. We started by introducing and giving an overview of the specification in “MicroProfile Fault Tolerance, Take 2”. Next, we explained the different annotations and their options in “MicroProfile Fault Tolerance Annotations”. Now we take a look at practical MicroProfile Fault Tolerance examples using TomEE 7.1.  This version of TomEE is compliant with MicroProfile v1.2 and includes the Geronimo Safegard library implementing the Fault Tolerance v1.0 spec. The MicroProfile Samples project We’ll be using the microprofile-samples project created by Roberto Cortez and which is available on…