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Deconstructing REST Security

David Blevins

Aquecimento API SUMMIT

Otávio Santana

Baking a Microservice PI(e)

Roberto Cortez

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Apache TomEE, A Successful Open Source Migration Journey for NASA


enables over 245 million customers to visit Walmart’s 11k stores, in 28 countries, & 10 websites worldwide.


Fresh Catch! Migrating from Glassfish to JBoss or TomEE


Tomitribe & Nexus Lifecycle: Champions of Open Source Security

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Apache TomEE

TomEE on Azure cloud

If you have an application on TomEE and want to deploy it on Microsoft's Azure cloud, then this blog post is for you. Once everything is configured, the build and the deployment will require only a single command line and you will be able to access the application from anywhere in the World! Downloading TomEE-Azure Module We have already prepared a TomEE/Azure module ( cloud-tomee-azure module found in the TomEE examples) to make working with TomEE in Azure much easier. To take advantage of this module, you will first need to checkout TomEE from Github: git clone [email protected]:apache/tomee.git Then, navigate…
Apache TomEE

How to Contribute to the TomEE Website

In a previous post, “How to Get Started Contributing to TomEE or any Open Source Project”, we explained the general workflow - things to do and steps to avoid - that can help you join and maximize your contribution to an Open Source Project. In this post, we will walk you through the technical steps one can follow to contribute to the Apache TomEE Website. It's common knowledge in any Content Management System (CMS), that the complexity of information organization is directly proportional to the amount, type and format of information an organization want’s to provide to the users. For…

Custom ConfigSource with MicroProfile Configuration

In the previous blog post “An Overview of MicroProfile Configuration” we have seen how to start using MicroProfile Configuration and covered the most common cases where it can be used. In today's blog post, we are going to show you one of the advanced features of MicroProfile Configuration: the ability to add your own ConfigSource. To refresh your memory, MicroProfile Config already ships with a few ConfigSources by default: file, system properties, and environment variables. What if your source of Configuration is somewhere else? Maybe a database or an API? Good news! MicroProfile Configuration allows you to create your…