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I had the privilege of being invited to speak at EclipseCon France (June 13th & 14th) about Microprofile, microservices, and JWT.  The conference took place in Toulouse and being from France I have been there a couple of times, but never took the time to enjoy it. The architecture is beautiful, the city clean, and the people nice. Don’t know if it was because it was the beginning of summer or not, but I found the city very active and alive in the evenings.

The conference was held at the convention center downtown. The venue is large and well organized. There were four tracks in parallel dedicated to Microprofile, Jakarta EE, Reactive Programming and IOT. Most of the other tracks were centered on the IDE and related projects.

The conference welcomed about 250 people. It’s not a large conference, but I liked that as it allows for more informal discussions after and in-between sessions and that was great.  I got to meet James Roper (@jroper), Kevin Sutter (@kwsutter), Emily Jiang (@emilyfhjiang), to name but a few. Wonderful people and great discussions.

My presentation was about microservices security using MicroProfile JWT. (See ). Although there never seems to be enough time, I was able to fit the presentation into the 35 minute slot and to respond to some excellent questions.

Cyrille Francois was kind enough to share his notes from the meeting – I think he captured my likeness well and I love the flow of his notes.  Fun and informative!

Simon Chemouil lives in Toulouse and kindly took us to one of the best restaurants in Toulouse on Tuesday evening. On Thursday night after the conference, we got together, and he started playing guitar for us before proposing to go to the Rio Loco festival. Merci Simon, we had a great time!

Jean-Louis Monteiro

Jean-Louis Monteiro

Jean-Louis is the Director of Engineering at Tomitribe. He is passionate about Open Source, an active contributor to Apache projects, a Java Community Process (JCP) member, and both the EJB 3.2 and the Java EE Security API expert groups. Jean-Louis loves speaking at Java User Groups, ApacheCon, JavaOne and Devoxx.

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