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Taking Support to the next level

Support directly from Apache Committers

✓ 24/7 support
✓ 1 hour response-time
✓ 1-Tier support model

✓ CVE scanning & notification
✓ 2 wk. security patch delivery
✓ Unlimited support incidents

✓ Production & Development support
✓ Proactive patching & delivery
✓ And much more

Apache Tomcat is an open-source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and WebSocket technologies.

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Apache TomEE is a lightweight, yet powerful, JavaEE Application server with feature rich tooling.

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Apache ActiveMQ is an open source message broker written in Java together with a full Java Message Service (JMS) client.

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Rewards for Subscribers

Tomitribe’s Community Partnership Program is an innovative rewards-based program that pays you back for supporting the community. Subscribers of Tomitribe’s Enterprise Support get a full suite of complementary services focused on making the community an active member of your team.

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It is very valuable for DFS to have a reliable partner to provision patches for the Open Source products in our production environments. We trust Tomitribe to provide us with security patches at short notice.

Manfred KempfHead of AIS & IDP Systems at DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung
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Case Studies & Reports

Tomitribe is proud to impact these companies in a positive way & is happy to show you it in detail below.


Apache TomEE, A Successful Open Source Migration Journey for NASA


enables over 245 million customers to visit Walmart’s 11k stores, in 28 countries, & 10 websites worldwide.


Fresh Catch! Migrating from Glassfish to JBoss or TomEE


Tomitribe & Nexus Lifecycle: Champions of Open Source Security

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Apache Tomcat, TomEE & ActiveMQ

If you are interested in Apache Tomcat, TomEE or ActiveMQ, here is a collection of videos we’ve assembled to make your life easier.

Deconstructing REST Security

David Blevins

Jakarta Messaging, Jakarta EE9, and MicroProfile and Jakarta EE relationship

David Blevins & Emily Jiang

Managing Apache Tomcat TomEE with tFactory

Cesar Hernandez

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