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WebSocket and Lock It!

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WebSockets are a good technical solution where there is a requirement for interactive communication. A typical example is a chat system, but it makes much better sense for live updates such as the stock market.  Being able to see share prices go from red to green is a “must have” for stock traders. The WebSocket API is quite easy to use, but when it comes to security you don’t have a lot of options. However, don’t forget the first step in the WebSocket protocol is to upgrade a HTTP request. If you have a HTTP request, you should be able…

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Apache TomEE JAX-RS and Arquillian Starter Project

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Know JAX-RS, but haven’t yet dug into Apache TomEE? Way too busy or impatient to read documentation? This repo is for you. The only thing better than a Maven archetype is a repo you can fork with everything already setup. Fork this repository on Github and you’re good to go! The contents are incredibly small: ./LICENSE ./pom.xml ./ ./src/main/java/org/superbiz/ ./src/main/java/org/superbiz/ ./src/test/java/org/superbiz/ ./src/test/resources/arquillian.xml The only mandatory actions are the following steps: $ git clone [email protected]:tomitribe/tomee-jaxrs-starter-project.git $ cd tomee-jaxrs-starter-project/ $ mvn clean install tomee:run That’s it! With those simple steps above, you get the following: Easy to extend starter project setup…

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