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Apache TomEE Jakarta EE certified after 10 years

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We are extremely excited to spread the word that Apache TomEE 9.0.0-M7 has reached Jakarta EE 9.1 Web Profile certification. Speaking with our Apache-contributor hats on, this is not just our first certification in 10 years, but we are doubly proud Apache TomEE is on the list of certified servers on the day of the Jakarta EE release. Moreover, after 3 years of behind-the-scenes work, we’re very excited the Apache Software Foundation has joined Jakarta EE Working Group as a Guest Member. And finally, not to be overlooked, the Apache TomEE project has a fresh new website: – As…

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I’d like to share with everyone a system we’ve set up to help projects get faster TCK results, starting of course with Apache TomEE. We’ve had this system for a while, but were unable to open access due to the legal restrictions around access to the TCK and results. Now that all of this is public we can finally make it available. This installation is dedicated to open source projects and per each TCK run will spin up 100 m3.medium spot instances in AWS to chew through 95% of the TCK in about 2 hours. A handful of tests…

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DevNexus 2020 Video Interview with Emily Jiang & David Blevins

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At the end of February, right before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down all USA conferences, a few Tribers enjoyed the DevNexus week.  Watch below a candid 20 minutes video  David Blevins and Emily Jiang conversation that shares an insight on topics such as:  the upcoming Jakarta Messaging features the Jakarta EE 9 planning the Javax namespace  MicroProfile and much more. We hope you enjoy it!    Video Credits:   The video was first published on May 13th by the IBM Developer youtube channel & shared via IBM Developer Advocate  Mary Grygleski‘s tweet on May 14th.

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Jakarta EE 9 Milestone and Apache TomEE 9.0.0 M1

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Today the new jakarta namespace enters our lives at mass scale with the release of Jakarta EE 9 Milestone 1. This Milestone release not only includes over 30 specifications, APIs and TCKs migrated from javax to jakarta, but also several implementations including Apache Tomcat 10.0.0-M6, Jetty 11.0.0-alpha0, OpenLiberty and many more all supporting the `jakarta` namespace. As a proud member of the Apache TomEE community we’re of course very excited to also announce the release of Apache TomEE 9.0.0 M1 supporting the new jakarta namespace. Faster Through Tooling (technical) A major challenge of this namespace change is impact in…

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Jakarta EE: A New Hope

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It was announced today that we in the Jakarta EE community would not be able to modify the javax namespace. When I heard that statement uttered for the first time, I was certain I heard wrong. I asked several questions hoping for more positive news with better options in the future. No, it was exactly what I heard. Many of you know me as a positive voice in the community, but even my calm demeanor was cracked. Several visceral statements left my mouth and at one point during the meeting I recall using the word asinine. Transitioning through the stages…

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Stateless Security, MicroProfile JWT and OpenSource R³ Jam come to DevNexus

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It’s the week before a conference. You’re giving a new talk. This is the moment when all speakers are at their least confident. And what, I have to write a blog to earn a shirt? Who made these rules? Oh, we did. Alright, let’s do this. Introducing OpenSource R³ Jam In a very PartyOne inspired front, we’re getting together with DevNexus, Hazelcast, Jakarta EE, Okta, and Sonatype needs to throw a fun new party at DevNexus next week in Atlanta, Georgia, March 6-8th. DevNexus has soared to the top of my US conferences list and is sitting right up there…

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TomEE for the Holidays

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If I were to pick a month to brand “Open Source Month”, it would be December. I could list personal reasons for it, such as December 1999 was the first month I ever contributed to Open Source. That happens to be the same month I married Amelia and have often joked, “I’ve been married to them both ever since.” The real reason is December is the month open source heroes are born. December is Your Time to Shine I’ve noticed a pattern of December being a very prolific month for open source contribution. In December 2006 the OpenEJB 3 codebase…

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Java EE to Jakarta EE

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The vote for the new brand for Java EE is up and the community has until February 23rd to decide amongst the choices. We’ve generally stayed quiet about the Java EE rebranding in large part because we love “Java EE” and even larger because the legal complexities around the Java trademark are severely complicated. I’ll simply point out that after more than 20 years the Java trademark is still disputed, not a registered trademark ®, and Oracle should be cut some considerable slack. We often want things without truly understanding the responsibility that comes with getting what we want. Oracle bears a…

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Eclipse Makes History in 18 Years of JSRs

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This July the Eclipse MicroProfile put in motion efforts to file our first JSR, now known as JSR-382 Configuration API 1.0 submitted by the Eclipse Foundation. While there are several fantastic technical merits around JSR-382 Configuration API 1.0, from an industry perspective, this JSR is the very zeitgeist of where we are at and where we are headed. Like Kevin Bacon, almost everyone and everything is 6 degrees of separation from the Configuration JSR and after this JSR, nothing will ever be the same again. Why File a JSR at all? Let’s call out the elephant in the room. Some…

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