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TomEE: WebSocket and Lock it!

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Note: This article was originally authored by Romain Manni-Bucau in May of 2015 and has been updated by Bruno Baptista. Tomitribe uses the WebSocket API to add security credentials to REST services in our support services. This article has been updated to the latest versions of WebSocket and other resources and shows how you can easily add authentication to your REST calls.   WebSockets are a good technical solution when there is a requirement for interactive communication. A typical example is a chat system, but it makes more sense for live updates such as the stock market.  For example, being…

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CREST: Boost Your CLI!

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Reminder about CREST CREST is a library that allows you to write a command line interface program using a declarative API like JAX-RS for HTTP. Its key features are: 100% Annotation based Ability to use bean validation on method Fully Java integrated Supports complex parameter binding as parameter Often used as an example, for what it’s worth, here is a “Hello, World!” example using CREST: public class Hello { @Command public static String hello(@Option(“name”) String name) { return “Hello ” + name; } } One more step The latest release of CREST boosted its features, which gives you more power…

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Java in the Cloud: EEruption of the Heroku

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Today all major vendors have their own Cloud platform and most of them are betting on it for the future. Even if the cloud is not yet the everyday solution, it brings new challenges for servers. This post will deal with one example to show how Apache TomEE meets the challenge with success. What are the challenges of the Cloud? All Cloud platforms are a bit different as each have different default targets (i.e., Spring, Java EE, your own platform, only runtime, only build, or even build + runtime, etc.), however, they all share some common points a modern framework/server needs to tackle:…

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WebSocket and Lock It!

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WebSockets are a good technical solution where there is a requirement for interactive communication. A typical example is a chat system, but it makes much better sense for live updates such as the stock market.  Being able to see share prices go from red to green is a “must have” for stock traders. The WebSocket API is quite easy to use, but when it comes to security you don’t have a lot of options. However, don’t forget the first step in the WebSocket protocol is to upgrade a HTTP request. If you have a HTTP request, you should be able…

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Financial Data: TomEE to the Rescue!

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Michal Kalkowski and Romain Manni-Bucau have both worked around the financial services domain. This post shares some of their experience, and shows how TomEE can fit this need. This post is linked to a related project available on GitHub at: Overview The project demonstrates a typical case of maintaining a universe of entities, which are taken from an external source. In this context that would be a list of securities from XETRA market, which are shared on the website as a file and updated daily. The goal of this batch is to capture these updates and make sure they…

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50 Shades of TomEE

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I don’t know if we’ll get a film after the international success of it but since few months the world is all about microservices. Whatever your opinion on it is you will surely have to work with it a little bit. One common way to go to production with microservices is to do a shade of your application and simply deploy an executable jar. Let go through common Microservice solutions which work with TomEE flavors. TomEE Shades A shade is a Maven plugin to aggregate project dependencies in a single jar. It can be done with Maven dependency plugin with some…

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