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Case Study

National Aeronautical & Space Administration

Apache TomEE, a successful Open Source

migration journey for NASA

Apache TomEE meets the requirement as a data management solution.

Armstrong Flight Research Center NASA Software Architect

The Apache TomEE platform provided NASA with all the required services, in addition to fulfilling technical & budgetary requirements. Read More about the Challenges, Solutions & Outcomes from using TomEE in this Tomitribe Case Study.

Key Challenges
  • Scattered data sources: flight, aircraft, weather, engineering, and logistical data
  • Forced product obsolescence by the vendor in lieu of newer product
  • Read more in the PDF…
Benifits of Adoption
  • Improved performance, startup times, and average time between restarts after switching to TomEE in September 2013
  • Migrating to TomEE meant application portability and release of proprietary vendor API dependencies
  • And more in the PDF…

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