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Case Study

Platform & Adoption of Apache TomEE

WalmartLabs enables over 245 million customers to visit Walmart’s 11,000 stores, in 28 countries, and 10 websites worldwide.

Choosing TomEE is about choosing a sustainable future, this includes micro service architectures & the future of the embedded container.

Ryan McGuinnessPrincipal Architect Walmart eCommerce

By partnering with Tomitribe & Apache TomEE, WalmartLabs has created a set of light-weight, hybrid containers which merge industry best practices & provides a sustainable platform for enterprise development. Read about the Challenges, Solution, Benefits & Outcome of this partnership.

Key Challenge
  • Adopting bleeding edge technologies without conflicting standards.
  • Overcoming the bias and anti-marketing campaign that Java EE is outdate.
  • Getting teams to clean-up their project dependencies.
Benefits of Adoption
  • Faster time to market.
  • Cost savings by reducing enterprise storage footprint across CD / CI environments.
  • Faster deployment times due to decreased artifact dependencies.
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