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My road trip from Coimbra, Portugal to Madrid, Spain, where I spoke to the Madrid JUG about REST security, was beautiful, but full of wrong turns, some potholes, and flash thunderstorms.

It reminded me of my adventure in learning and coming to understand REST security. There are so many security specifications that it’s easy to get turned around and to encounter new technical concepts.

The “Deconstructing REST Security” talk, originally created by David Blevins, is like a clear roadmap to navigate the potholes and thunderstorms of REST security.

It makes navigating the difficulties far simpler, providing both context and a clear route to understanding many concepts. The talk demystifies the standards, shows their inner workings and how they affect your architecture.  One of the last things you expect is the dramatic architectural impact the JWT has on OAuth 2.0.

Another thing that you don’t expect is how standards seem to use the same concepts, over and over, with different names. Also, covering how hashing and signing algorithms are used, also brings light to the subject.

If you have this talk near you in the future, take it and ask questions. The folks in Madrid certainly did!

I really enjoined the venue, kindly offered by eDreams and the chat we had in the end. It was great to be there, to give the talk and get to know them.

It was a happy road trip.

Bruno Baptista

Bruno Baptista

Bruno is a well versed Java and Open Source technology developer and a Senior Software Engineer at Tomitribe. With over 10 years as an enterprise level engineer, he has lead QA and development teams, garnered skills in design and development process.

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