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Tomitribe Goes To CodeOne 2018

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Tomitribe is excited to be attending Oracle CodeOne  (Oct 22nd – 25th) this year. Eight Tribers – David, Amelia, Jean-Louis, Roberto, Otavio, Cesar, Ivan, and Richard – six of whom are giving a total of 12 presentations.  Attendees can also meet us during exhibitor’s hours at booth 5209, where we can tell you about Tomitribe Community Partnership Program.  We also look forward to sharing the latest updates on the Open Source Projects we are part of. For the first time in 20 years, there will be no JavaOne conference. JavaOne always brings back memories for those who have attended and…

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TomEE: A Tutorial on MicroProfile Fault Tolerance

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This is the final of a series of 3 articles dedicated to the MicroProfile Fault Tolerance. We started by introducing and giving an overview of the specification in “MicroProfile Fault Tolerance, Take 2”. Next, we explained the different annotations and their options in “MicroProfile Fault Tolerance Annotations”. Now we take a look at practical MicroProfile Fault Tolerance examples using TomEE 7.1.  This version of TomEE is compliant with MicroProfile v1.2 and includes the Geronimo Safegard library implementing the Fault Tolerance v1.0 spec. The MicroProfile Samples project We’ll be using the microprofile-samples project created by Roberto Cortez and which is available on…

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MicroProfile Fault Tolerance Annotations

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In our last article about Microprofile Fault Tolerance we explained the motivation for this project and the need to provide a few design patterns under the microservice friendly Microprofile spec, namely: Bulkhead – isolate failures in part of the system. Circuit breaker – offer a way to fail fast. Retry – define criteria on when to retry. Fallback – provide an alternative solution for a failed execution. We also presented some of the libraries that implement this Microprofile specification, including the Geronimo Safegard library, the one used on TomEE 7.1. Lets now dive a bit deeper into the spec and…

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MicroProfile Fault Tolerance, Take 2

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Understanding Fault Tolerance and the strategies of resilience and eventual consistency are extremely important to microservices. This article an update and expansion of an article written in April of this year. It’s the first part in a series of articles explaining how the MicroProfile Fault Tolerance specification is used in microservices. The Rise of Resilience and Eventual Consistency The Rise of Resilience and Eventual Consistency For decades the prevailing wisdom for handling transactions in distributed systems has been the use of SQL Relational Databases, binary communication protocols, and two-phase commit transactions. All-or-nothing and reliable transactions were paramount, data had to…

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TomEE: Tutorial on MicroProfile JWT

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Last week we published the post, "MicroProfile JWT" by @JLouisMonteiro that covers the basics, standards, pros, and cons involved in implementing stateless security with Microprofile JWT. In this post, we are going to deep dive into JWT role-based access control on Apache TomEE. Since the release of TomEE 7.1, we now have a JWT specification implementation defined using Microprofile version 1.2. The specification is available in the official release. Marking a JAX-RS Application as Requiring MP-JWT RBAC For this, you need to add the annotation @LoginConfig to your existing subclass. The purpose of the @LoginConfig is to annotate the...
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MicroProfile JSON Web Token (JWT)

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In the post, “What is Eclipse MicroProfile”, we explained what Eclipse MicroProfile is and why it’s important. MicroProfile is made up of several specifications. In this post, I’ll explain the JSON Web Tokens (JWT), the MicroProfile JWT specification, and how it can be used to implement stateless security in microservices. I’ll also talk about the extensibility and flexibility of MicroProfile with claims. Tomitribe has been helping companies implement REST services for years and one of the most common problems our clients have is deciding how to implement authentication and authorization. The development of MicroProfile and its use of JWT is…

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Oracle Developer Community Tour Latin 2018

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About a month ago we post a blog about Otávio Santana speaking with the Latin America Oracle Developer Community Tour (Latin ODC Tour).  The Latin ODC Tour focuses on great technologies such as Oracle Cloud, Containers, Java, Microservices, Oracle Database, DevOps, MySQL. This year, the ODC has covered twelves cities: Paraguay, Asunción Chile, Santiago de Chile Brasil, São Paulo Uruguay, Montevideo Argentina, Buenos Aires Perú, Lima Ecuador, Quito Colombia, Barranquilla Costa     Rica, San José Panamá,  Ciudad de Panamá México,  Ciudad de México Guatemala,  Ciudad de Guatemala While the tour visits countries in both South and Central America it spans communities...
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TomEE: Fat-Jar Deployments

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In this blog post, I will show you how to create a distribution of your application that ships with TomEE so you can run your application out of the box. What is a Fat Jar? Fat Jar, Uber Jar, Shaded Jar. These have different names, but all of them have the same meaning. It is simply a Jar file that contains all of your project class files, plus all the classes of the dependencies of the project. This concept is not really new, it has been used for several years. However, with the growing popularity of cloud deployments and adoption…

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What is Eclipse MicroProfile?

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Eclipse MicroProfile defines itself as: The MicroProfile is a baseline platform definition that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple MicroProfile runtimes.  -- MicroProfile FAQ Java for Enterprise applications are usually built on two options: Spring Framework and Java EE. Java EE created a set of specifications defined first by Sun Microsystems and then by Oracle through the Java Community Process. Specifications were meant to facilitate vendor agnostic development and deployment. During the last 5 years, the Java EE platform has become stable and mature resulting in less frequent releases. Java EE has also...
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Tomitribe on the ODC Tour: Paraguay, Chile, and Brazil

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Otávio Santana has been busy on the exciting, twelve-country Latin America Oracle Developer Community Tour! He is personally speaking in Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico! Otávio Santana, a Java Champion and Triber, has worked on everything from jNoSql to JBoss Weld to Hibernate as well as being a member of the JCP Executive Committee, working on several JCP Expert Groups, and is deeply involved in the development of MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. Otávio is presenting on Grid Database, jNoSQL, and Stateless Microservice Security via JWT and MicroProfile. His first stop, on July 31st, was in Paraguay in…

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