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TomEE: Running with Systemd

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What is systemd? Systemd is the first background process to run and the last background process to end in the Linux operating system. It has the process id (PID) of 1, meaning that all other background processes (aka daemons) are created by systemd; it is the root background process in a Linux operating system. Systemd is designed to provide a unified configuration process for bootstrapping Linux processes, enable and disable process, and manage the interface between those processes and user applications.  Developers can configure systemd using standard files called units. Units can be used for defining the initialization process for…

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My CREST Journey to Open Source Contribution

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I have been contributing to open source software (OSS) projects in my life as a programmer and as a result I have gained a better understanding of APIs and frameworks. This practice has helped improve my skills for my developer tasks. CREST is a project that I have contributed to and I would like to give an overview about and how to contribute to it. This project can be found at along with several other open source projects. What is CLI? First, you should understand what the CLI (Command Line Interface) is. Applications that use the OS command line…

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