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The Apache TomEE community has announced the release of TomEE 7.1  – a major step forward for TomEE. For more details on the changes please look into the release notes. For tips on upgrading, see this blog post by @jongallimore  from earlier this week.

Tomitribe and TomEE

TomEE is a project that members of Tomitribe have been working on and supporting for years and our efforts to release TomEE 7.1 was significant. Tomitribe is proud to contribute to the project. A special thanks to all the other committers for their hard work as well!

Java 8 Update

Prior to TomEE 7.1 you were limited to using Java 7, but starting with TomEE 7.1  all the Java 8 API’s are available in TomEE, meaning that we can start taking advantage of all the improvements introduced in Java 8. This will also be true for the first major release of TomEE 8 covered later in this post.

The Java 8 Update was a mandatory requirement in order to start supporting the MicroProfile API’s since most of them make use of Java 8 API’s.

MicroProfile Support

TomEE 7.1 ships with a few of the MicroProfile specifications described in version 1.2 including: Configuration, JWT Propagation, and Fault Tolerance

In the following weeks, we will be posting a series of blogs around these specifications to teach you how to use them and make the best out of them in your projects.  For an overview of MicroProfile see this blog post by @JLouisMonteiro .


Stay tuned for the first major release of TomEE 8. This version will support full MicroProfile 1.3, which includes Configuration, JWT Propagation, Fault Tolerance, Health Check, Metrics, OpenTracing, Open API and Rest Client.

And of course, it will be the first release of TomEE targeting Java EE 8 and will be used as a foundation to build up to the first release of Jakarta EE 8.

If you wish to help with the efforts, don’t hesitate to join the TomEE mailing list.


Roberto Cortez

Roberto Cortez

Roberto Cortez is a passionate Java Developer with more than 10 years of experience; mainly the Finance sector. He is involved within the Open Source Community to help other individuals spread the knowledge about Java EE technologies.

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