Tomitribe Subscription Guide

Tomitribe’s support subscription is more than just a support plan; it’s peace of mind that your deployment is running at optimal performance and with very little, if any, downtime.. Your direct connection with Tomitribe’s developers and founding contributors of the Apache TomEE Open Source project means you’re getting expert advice and support from the best.

Subscription Guidelines

Deployment Type

Tomitribe support subscription is tailored to both on-premise and public cloud hosting.

Public Cloud Deployments
  • When deploying to public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Public Cloud, only virtual cores running instances assigned to run TomEE will be counted.
  • Example: An Amazon EC2 c5.4xlarge instance with 16 vCPUs would count as 16 TomEE cores.
On-Premise Deployments
  • For all on-premise installs to customer-owned or controlled hardware or datacenters, the cores of the physical servers running TomEE, with or without virtualization software, will be counted.
  • Example: Two servers with two dual-core CPUs (4-cores/server, 8 physical cores total) would count as eight TomEE cores.

Processor Core Allocation by Environment Types

Processor core allocation for support applies to production, QA, testing, staging and hot disaster recovery environments of virtual and physical deployments. The number of cores counted is an aggregate of either physical or virtual cores for these environments combined.

Production Environment: Live Production Servers
  • This environment will be defined by virtual or physical deployment type and the core count will be counted according to the deployment type definition
  • To receive support, an active and valid production support subscription is required
Non-production Environments: Testing, Quality Assurance (QA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Staging, Hot/Cold Disaster Recovery, and Development
  • Tomitribe requires support coverage for any environment for which tickets may be filed.
  • Non-production environments are voluntary and require support only at the discretion of the customer.
  • Tomitribe strongly recommends coverage for any environment immediately preceding production where issues preventing a final production deploy are often discovered.
  • Tickets filed for environments not covered in the core count of the subscription will be closed.

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