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I’m David Blevins

Founder/ CEO at Tomitribe

Prior to founding Tomitribe, David’s extensive experience creating meaningful relationships between business and Open Source includes 7 years at IBM rebranding Apache Geronimo as WebSphere CE, technical leadership in Gluecode (acquired by IBM), and a key role in Apple’s integration and distribution of OpenEJB in WebObjects.

David is a co-founder to OpenEJB (1999), Apache Geronimo (2003) and Apache TomEE (2011), 10-year member of the JCP serving in Java EE, EJB, CDI, JMS and Java EE Security JSRs, JavaOne RockStar for 2012 & 2013, 2015 inductee into the Java Champions and nominated for JCP Member of the Year 2015. He is a contributing author to Component-Based Software Engineering: “Putting the Pieces Together,” from Addison Wesley and a regular speaker at JavaOne, Devoxx, ApacheCon, OSCon, JAX and Java-focused conferences.

Years contributing to

Open Source &

Apache TomEE