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I’m Jonathan Gallimore the

Director Of Support at Tomitribe.

Jonathan Gallimore is a passionate Apache TomEE committer, developer and trainer at Tomitribe. He started contributing to Apache TomEE in 2007, working on EJB 3.1 compliance, OpenEJB Eclipse Plug-in, early Tomcat 7 integration (that became the basis for TomEE) and the first version of the TomEE Arquillian adapter. Jon has worked as a developer and architect on Java EE projects across the media, banking, and sports industries.

Jon has contributed technical write-ups to JAX Magazine and the Tomitribe blog, along with being a speaker at JAX London, ApacheCon and JavaOne.

Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and his daughter, Penny, who are all avid Formula 1 fans.

Years contributing to 

Apache TomEE &