I’m Jean-Louis Monteiro the

Director Of Engineering at Tomitribe.

Jean-Louis is a Senior Java Enterprise Software Architect and is passionate about Open Source. His background is in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and public domain. He’s an active contributor to Apache TomEE, Geronimo, Johnzon, OpenWebBeans and many others.

He is involved in the Java Community Process (JCP) and is an active member of the EJB 3.2 expert group. He has been involved in Jakarta since day one and is also an active contributor or MicroProfile. He shares his knowledge by speaking at Java User Groups (JUG) and conferences such as ApacheCon and Devoxx BE/MA/UK, Oracle CodeOne (Java One). His past experiences and present specialties include Spring, Hibernate, JPA, CDI, JSP, SOAP, RESTful services, WS-Security, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Java EE, JWT, SOA architecture and much more. And beyond his “normal” workday he also teaches Web Services, Java EE, and more at his local university in France.

If Jean-Louis is not playing with his precious children, Luna, Luka and Luis, he is out playing Handball or refereeing a match. 6 years and counting refereeing games at national level in France!

Years contributing to

Apache TomEE &