Adam Bien, being THE amazing Adam who never gives up, continues to integrate the diverse voices in our Software Ecosystem via his informal and fun podcast called:

I was thrilled to be a guest on Adam’s 46th airhack, thank YOU #usualsuspects 

Thank you for caring enough to prioritize your time, each Monday of the month for almost 3 years and counting, for such a fun activity. Thank you for including me, the many guests before and the future airhacks’ guests.

Bias to the core, I have enjoyed listening to many of your podcasts, the signature continues to be sharing beyond the professional-self. #CommunityFIRST!

Amelia Eiras

Amelia Eiras

Amelia believes on the individuals' ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and change. She thrives in a variety of environments that require the marshaling of resources, flexibly and intelligent decision-making, often based on limited information.

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