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Adam Bien, being THE amazing Adam who never gives up, continues to integrate the diverse voices in our Software Ecosystem via his informal and fun podcast called:

I was thrilled to be a guest on Adam’s 46th airhack, thank YOU #usualsuspects 

Thank you for caring enough to prioritize your time, each Monday of the month for almost 3 years and counting, for such a fun activity. Thank you for including me, the many guests before and the future airhacks’ guests.

Bias to the core, I have enjoyed listening to many of your podcasts, the signature continues to be sharing beyond the professional-self. #CommunityFIRST!

Amelia Eiras

Amelia Eiras

Believes in 365-retrospectives that take a look at the surrounding scenery. The road walked provides the ability to grow, constantly learning, unlearning, relearning, and changing. After all, the time spent is about adding value to what matters for us.

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