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netbeans-logoIf you use NetBeans or you’ve attended a conference or read Oracle’s NetBeans blogs, you know who Geertjan Wielenga is.  Geertjan has lived and breathed NetBeans for years, and I see him everywhere I go.  I fly to Belgium for Devoxx? Geertjan.  I show up in JavaOne? Geertjan.  He’s everywhere. For years it’s been like this, if there is a conference that has anything to do with Java, he’s there spreading the good word of NetBeans.  Geertjan’s done a great job of building a very loyal audience of Java developers who are passionate about NetBeans because he’s focused on integration, and this blog post from Wielenga is no exception.

Now, instead of trying to convince you that TomEE on NetBeans is going to be  a good thing, I’m just going to get out of the way of Geertjan’s words.  Here’s a direct quote from his post:

“When I tried out the NetBeans IDE development build and TomEE, to see how everything fits together, I was surprised at how fast TomEE started up. Not sure what they did to it, but seems like a server on steroids. And setting it up in NetBeans IDE was trivial. Add the simple set up of TomEE in NetBeans IDE to the many benefits that the widely praised out of the box NetBeans Maven tools make possible, together with the fact that not one single plugin had to be installed to get everything you see described here up and running… and you have a really powerful combination of dev tools, all for free.”

While a full release of NetBeans with TomEE is not yet available, you can go grab yourself a development build of NetBeans and evaluate the IDEs support for your next application server.

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