It’s Easy! Debugging with IntelliJ and TomEE

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In our last post we provided a step-by-step tutorial that explained how to debug Enterprise Java applications on TomEE from the Eclipse IDE. This time we’ll do the same thing but with IntelliJ! I’ve always found debugging Enterprise Java applications to be a challenge, but modern features of the Java Virtual Machine and tools like IntelliJ make it easy. If you are already familiar with IntelliJ but have not debugged a TomEE application, then this will be a quick but useful tutorial. If you are new to IntelliJ or TomEE you’ll find the steps outlined here very easy to follow….

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It’s Easy! Remote Debugging with Eclipse and TomEE

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I’m going to try something different in this article. I’m going to use lots of images as a reference for readers. I have not done that before, but I’ve found when I’m learning something new that it can be very helpful. A big hurdle for me personally, as a Java EE developer, is debugging server-side code from an IDE. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you step by step how to set up Eclipse for “remotely” debugging Java EE applications. I put remotely in quotes because in this article you are really running TomEE on the same machine as…

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