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After one full month working at Tomitribe, I could not pass up on the opportunity to share my experiences and impressions with the world. I’d like to step back for a moment and reflect on the situation of how I arrived to be where I am now. Perfect way to enter the game with my first Tomitribe blog entry. Thanks Theresa for taking time to read it carefully. My first experience In the first part of my career, I worked in Paris with blind and visually impaired people. Aside from being my first real job, it’s been one of the … Continued

2nd Annual Apache OpenEJB Get-Together, Tours, France — April 2011

As the first entry in the Tomitribe blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to give a personal view of why. Why do we exist? What do we hope to achieve?

Chasing a Dream

Before I talk about that, I want to share an intimate moment in time. A defining moment when we knew we truly had something special. This is a picture from April of 2011, before Apache TomEE had been certified and announced to the world, when it was still very much a dream. Open source is full of heroes and these people are my personal heroes and the reason for everything I do. This was the second annual Apache OpenEJB Get-Together, which we held in Tours France after presenting Apache TomEE at JAX London — the first Apache TomEE presentation anywhere (thank you, JAX).

This was near the end of a week-long hack-a-thon where several of us from all over took a week off of work and traveled to hack together on what became TomEE.