Tomitribe Presentation

Cluster your Application using CDI and JCache


You created a Java EE application using a REST front-end on top of relational database using JPA. Now you need to make it highly available and scalable across a large number of machines.

This webinar will start with a simple JAX-RS/JPA application. We will turn this standard Java EE application, step by step, into a fully clustered application using a CDI extension and producers to integrate Hazelcast, as a JCache provider. To do that we will study the data model and how to persist it efficiently.

We’ll cover these topics:

- How to use modern technologies such as: JPA, EJB, CDI, JAX-RS
- How to use JCache API, specifically the Hazelcast implementation
- Different approaches using Hazelcast and TomEE
- Live Q&A