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Introduction to Code Club Following on from my Ignite talk at Devoxx UK 2016, I want to introduce Code Club and share my experiences as a volunteer for those that may be interested but didn’t attend the conference. Code Club is a non-profit organization here in the UK that aims at creating a volunteer-led after-school coding club for 9-11 year olds in every primary school across the UK. Each club typically runs for one hour after school, and meets up every week. Coding is featuring more and more on the school curriculum these days, and running a Code Club is … Continued


I recently had an opportunity to hold a few talks at DevoxxUK. This one went down as a treat, so I’d like to share a little depth in this quick blog. Thanks go out to the entire team, but some special thanks to Mark Hazell and Ellie May for organizing a really great event. Awesome work guys! Apache Maven This is a quick and simple take on ensuring that your Apache Maven based project starts and, more importantly, stays lean and clean. It’s a summary of my best practices, and I’m always happy to learn a few more. Keep your … Continued


Today we are announcing a new collaboration called the MicroProfile.  Together with Red Hat, IBM, Payara, the LJC and all who will join us, we aim to merge innovation and standardization into Enterprise Java with Microservices focus. Microservices in Enterprise Java If you look at all the servers in the Enterprise Java space, particularly Java EE implementations, you see a trend: lighter is better.  From the day TomEE was announced in 2011 it was a 30MB distro, booted in a second, ran with default 64MB JVM heap and passed the Java EE 6 Web Profile TCK on hundreds of t1.micro … Continued


I have been contributing to open source software (OSS) projects in my life as a programmer and as a result I have gained a better understanding of APIs and frameworks. This practice has helped improve my skills for my developer tasks. CREST is a project that I have contributed to and I would like to give an overview about and how to contribute to it. This project can be found at tomitribe.io along with several other open source projects. What is CLI? First, you should understand what the CLI (Command Line Interface) is. Applications that use the OS command line … Continued

QCon Sao Paulo 2016

Aligned with the proud growth of the Brazilian Tech Community was QCon 2016 in Sao Paulo. Many software professionals worldwide, and Tribers from Tomitribe including Amelia Eiras, Daniel Cunha, David Blevins and Thiago Veronezi, came to attend this practitioner-driven conference to gain heaps of knowledge and share their support for a strong developer community. QCon is not just a Java conference. The Brazilian Tech Community warmly welcomes Conference attendees from all over the world and technologies. QCon-SP had a good selection on a variety of topics; these sessions were directed towards managers, designers, operations and developers. We had the opportunity … Continued