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Richard Monson-Haefel

Most people in the Java industry don’t know me but there was a time when I was very involved with Java, open source, standardization, and the community. I started working professionally as a Java developer in late 1995 and continued to grow professionally within the Java community until 2004 when I left to become an analyst. Since then I have worked a lot of jobs, a few startups, and done a lot of development but none of it was in Java or involved open source. I’m grateful for everything I discovered during my 14-year hiatus, but sometimes I wish I … Continued


The vote for the new brand for Java EE is up and the community has until February 23rd to decide amongst the choices.     We’ve generally stayed quiet about the Java EE rebranding in large part because we love “Java EE” and even larger because the legal complexities around the Java trademark are severely complicated. I’ll simply point out that after more than 20 years the Java trademark is still disputed, not a registered trademark ®, and Oracle should be cut some considerable slack. We often want things without truly understanding the responsibility that comes with getting what we want. Oracle … Continued


There are a lot of opinion pieces about Jigsaw and the recent vote. Most of them are titled “Jigsaw Rejected,” or “Back to the Drawing Board.” In 28 days time you will read articles that have titles like “JCP has Change of Heart on Jigsaw” and “Jigsaw Approved in Java 9.” Would it surprise you to learn that there are 2 to 3 more votes ahead? You might now be thinking, “If there are so many votes ahead, how could Jigsaw have been rejected?” The short answer, it wasn’t. Unless we learn the JCP process, we could be seeing up … Continued

Code Club - The Next Generation of Coders

Introduction to Code Club Following on from my Ignite talk at Devoxx UK 2016, I want to introduce Code Club and share my experiences as a volunteer for those that may be interested but didn’t attend the conference. Code Club is a non-profit organization here in the UK that aims at creating a volunteer-led after-school coding club for 9-11 year olds in every primary school across the UK. Each club typically runs for one hour after school, and meets up every week. Coding is featuring more and more on the school curriculum these days, and running a Code Club is … Continued


I recently had an opportunity to hold a few talks at DevoxxUK. This one went down as a treat, so I’d like to share a little depth in this quick blog. Thanks go out to the entire team, but some special thanks to Mark Hazell and Ellie May for organizing a really great event. Awesome work guys! Apache Maven This is a quick and simple take on ensuring that your Apache Maven based project starts and, more importantly, stays lean and clean. It’s a summary of my best practices, and I’m always happy to learn a few more. Keep your … Continued